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I'm Dennis Driscoll, the author of these "Inwood Stories". Born and raised in NYC and still living in Inwood. Besides being a storyteller ( in Inwood that would be called bullshit artist) I am involved with a small but amazing restaurant in NY's East Village. I also play bass guitar though not currently in a band. I was born in the 50's, raised in the 60's and 70's, survived 80's, did some stuff in the 90's and now look forward to the new millenium.

The restaurant I'm with is called Old Devil Moon,and along with Tami Latham and my brother Ken, have a fun, comfortable restaurant that serves great food. In the past I've played there with bands I've played with. In the future I hope to play more music and maybe do some readings there.

I'm very lucky to have lots of people I consider friends, and the restaurant allows me a way to keep in touch with them. My other passion is music. Special thanks. For encouraging my writing , Dr Cassie Carter and the Jim Carroll mailing list denizens and for help with this site, the beautiful Annie Rex. There is a truly great website for Jim Carroll at where there are a few of my stories posted.

- Dennis




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