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The time has come for me to make my presence on the net known. I am proud to announce the release on my first spoken word CD. It is available from my own Upstate Manhattan Recordings. The disc has been a long time coming. I started working with my musical director Mark Suall about 4 or 5 years ago. Slowly crafting each track. I'd redo a vocal here, Mark would redo some music there, until we were both reasonably happy with what we had done.

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Dennis - Front Left
Easter Sunday in Inwood 1963.

Over the years I have given away 100s of CD-rs, with different mixes of these tracks. Some of the discs only had 2 tracks. Friends on the Ween forum vined (trader speak for distributed) out that disc, with my permission , of course. After awhile I realized I was approaching enough material for a CD. I really didn't know how to get it released. I'm not very good at promoting myself. Virtually all the readings I've done so far were offered to me through friends. Well I did help set up my 11th St Bar gig but all I had to do is express interest in reading there and it happened. The only gig I've solicited I was turned down by the bar I approached. It is a cool Irish bar in the Bronx. I wanted to read there because my brother drinks here and a lot of people I grew up in Inwood with live in Riverdale now and I knew they would come there to see me before travelling downtown for one of my shows.

Anyway I sent the booking agent a CD and waited a week or 10 days and called him back. The booker was an Irish guy and I thought I'd have a good shot of a gig there because I started my career of reading my stories in public in Dublin. At a club called Whelan's. However when I finally got the booker on the phone (he's a very hard man to reach) he mumbled into the phone words I couldn't quite make out. Finally he blurted out that my CD sounded like Rap to him. I was literally speechless. Rap???? Doesn't Rap always ryhme? Isn't that one of the main ingredients, words that rhyme? So looking for gigs hasn't worked in my favor, it seemed better to just wait to be approached for gigs.

But no more. I'm ready to go out there and try to get gigs, gigs to support my new CD, which is called INWOOD STORIES.

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